History of the company:
2004 – Establishing of “Eurochrom” EOOD Company with subject of activity – manufacturing of plastic products;
2005 – Purchasing of production building in town of Kardzhali with 1200 square metres area;
2006 – Supplying and installation of the first Injection Molding Machines HAITIAN HFT 160;
2007 – Concluding a contract with HAITIAN PLASTIC INJECTION MACHINERY Co for supply and sale of Injection Molding Machines in the Republic of Bulgaria;
2008 – Purchasing and equipment of the production facilities with the latest generation Injection Molding Machines HAITIAN Mars Series (energy-saving series)
2009 – After the successful implementation in sales of Injection Molding Machines HAITIAN Eurochrom EOOD Company became the provider of Peripherals for a complete working cycle in the manufacturing process of plastic products;
2009 – The company started the delivery of Injection Molding Machines on Euro-Integration Programmes, ”Competitiveness” Operative program 2007-2013 and other programmes for the development of the Republic of Bulgaria;
2010 – Started the implementation of a complete production cycle with embedded new Ultrasonic (Ultrasound) Machines for installation and assembling of plastic products;
2010 – Concluding an agreement with EVERT LAK EOOD from town of Strelcha for Varnishing, Painting and Volume Metallizing of plastic parts;
2011 – Concluding a contract with SAMSUNG GENERAL CHEMICALS (SGC) for introducing (implementation) in the Republic of Bulgaria of the series SAMSUNG the Luminous Landscape;
2011 – The Company “Eurochrom” EOOD has established as reliable partner and main supplier in the Republic of Bulgaria for the supply of Injection Molding Machines, Peripherals.