From the establishing of the company, we follow the challenge to be better in satisfying the needs of our clients. To achieve our aims we continuously improve the quality, we strive to maintain a flexible pricing policy and implementation of timely deliveries.
Other aims of the company include strengthening of the leading positions and increasing of the per cent of the active participation in the Bulgarian and international markets.
We ensure a quality assurance check and control in every single stage of the process of delivering of the stuff to sales, in the process of the design and the manufacturing of the products.
Our priorities are:
Technological innovations;
Introducing of new products facilitate the industrial and technological process;
Satisfying of the needs and the expectations of the clients on the highest degree;
Increasing of the competency and the responsibility of the staff for implementation of the aims and the quality policy and the environment through teaching, discussing and improving the internal communication;
Creating of beneficial relationships with the suppliers and partners for improving of the combined activities with relation to the environment;
Ensuring of the needed resources for the functioning and the continual improvement of the system for quality management and environment in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004